The Lore

During his reign, His majesty the King Agraël of the Creaster kingdom gathered the staffs and the magic gems to keep the kingdom in peace. Since his passing, staffs and magic gems have been left unprotected. All the greedy mages from the kingdom jumped on the opportunity to regain the ancient magic power. You are one of this mage…

Select a mage staff and gather magic gems to increase your power and dominate the kingdom.

The Game

MagestiK is a modern turn-by-turn tabletop game with strategy and bluffing in a high fantasy atmosphere.
Gems and your mage staff are the keys to your magical power. Judiciously use the specific power of your staff to accumulate enough gems and beat your opponents. To come out victorious, you will have to use cunning and unleash or foil the fury of dragons.

Nine mage staffs are at your disposal : Cursed, Thief, Yellow, Blue, Enchanter, Green, Red, Black and Simulacra. The goal of the game is to be the player who ends a round with at least 8 gems and more gems than the other players. If there is a tie, a new round is played.
There are several ways to obtain or steal gems: new rounds, mage staff spells and dragon attacks.
Each round, you will have to:

  • 1- Choose your mage staff wisely (you can’t choose a staff that was already chosen by another player before you),
  • 2- Play your action turn by casting the spells from your staff and use dragons to steal gems from other players while defending your gems.

Depending on how the game unfolds. Several strategies can pay off.

MagestiK is usually played over the internet as a slow game where each player has 24 hours to act in the game when it's their turn to play. This allows anyone in the world to play according to their own schedule and the timezone where they live.
However, games are customizable and you might prefer to set a fast game with our friends (for instance a 60 sec or 90 sec turn timeout game).

MagestiK x Web3

MagestiK leverages the potential of the MultiversX blockchain technology and of the Web3 for the online Play and Earn version of the game. The NFTs are also intended to finance the publication of the physical version of the game.
You can make a donation to the MagestiK project by minting our NFTs.
Our NFT collection is made up of 1000 sets of the 9 mage staff cards. Each minter will mint a consistent set of the 9 cards ( 1 mint for 9 NFTs ). Each staff comes in 4 rarity levels ( Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary ).

Owning NFTs has its advantages:

  • Free participation in the Play and Earn game mode for set owners (where $MGK can be won),
  • Passive rewards of $MGK from all Play and Earn games played for set owners,
  • In-game benefits in Play and Earn mode (such as extra energy) per NFT,
  • A game box for each homogeneous rarity set you own when we publish the physical game,
  • More to come...


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The Roadmap

Community building
Playable discord version of the MagestiK game + expansions
Minting of the Mage staff sets NFT collection
MagestiK (MGK) token release
Physical game publishing
Browser version game release
Tabletop game hub - Games and decentralized publishing

The Executive Team



PhD, engineer and developer, love games and tech, designer of the MagestiK  game, discovered the blockchain in 2014


Team member (Community, communication, game design...)

Game developer and blockchain enthusiast exploring the Multiverse.
Few things compare to playing a good game with friends over a beer.

The Discord Moderator Team


Mod and former co-founder

Teacher, art historian, visual design enthusiast and gamer alias  The Master
Never refuses a good beer...


Discord mod

As an enthusiast of P2E games, the Metaverse, and blockchain, I am determined to achieve my vision of making a living from my passions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your may find answers to your questions here. If you don't, reach us

A decentralised blockchain : visit for more informations.
Your can access and use MultiversX throught the xPortal app this is a simple wallet that makes the interface between you and the blockchain
Be careful to never share your xPortal app seed phrase with anyone. Sharing your seed phrase is like giving the key of your safe...
eGLD is the native base currency of MultiversX. It is also used to pay the network fees (very small) when you perform transactions on that network.
For instance, transferring a NFT from one wallet to another requires you to pay a small fee in eGLD.

NFTs (Non Fongible Token) are virtual unique assets, that you own. This information is written in the blockchain as a proof of ownership. Thus NFTs are yours and you can transfers them or sell them to someone else as you would do with a non virtual object. On the MultiversX Blockchain, you can see your NFTs with the xPortal app.

Not directly, Using the MultiversX network requires that you buy eGLD. This allows you to pay for the small transaction fees and to buy NFTs with this currency on the MultiversX Network.
You can buy eGLD with fiat currencies using either the xPortal app or through an exchange such as Binance.
Note that buying cryptocurrencies such as eGLD with fiat currency requires KYC (Know Your Customer). This means that the platforms allowing you to buy eGLD with fiat will request that you provide a proof of identity (copy of your id card or passport).

Yes, a graphically light version is available online on the MagestiK discord . The rules of the game are presented there as well as the practical modalities.

No. The allocation of the sets of 9 mages is random. Most sets contain cards of different rarity levels. Some other sets have homogeneous rarity levels. The rarest mintable sets being the full legendary level sets which will only be 2 in number. If you are aiming for a homogeneous set and didn't mint it, it will be possible to build one through the secondary market.

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